How it Works:

Format: You do one 30-minute presentation; then I follow. Two speakers total; you and I.  Your presentation will be 25-minute content with a 5-minute offer at the end. I know schedules are busy, so you don't have to stay around for my presentation once you're finished.  Just show up to the webinar, do 30 minutes and you're done.

Publicity: I'll feature your photo + brief bio and URL/hotlink on the site, plus put the video of our webinar on a dedicated youtube channel.  I'll also add a URL link to your site in the youtube description, for ongoing lead generation for years ahead for you.

Schedule:  at a time that's mutually convenient, such as a Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday 8-9pm ET or Saturday 12noon-1pm ET.

Cost: none, I just require that you send a single email to your list sometime during the week before your appearance, as I will, to co-promote it with me, so we both get leads from each other.  I will have anonymously opted in to your list prior to inviting you, to audit, so I'll be able to see & confirm that you do send an email to your list, as promised.

Leads: These will be shared with both of us, all webinar attendees will be told prior to registering that their email information will be shared with both you and I.  So following the webinar, I will email you an .xlsx file with the first name/email addresses of all who registered via gotowebinar for the event.

Lead Minimums: Unlike other multi-speaker sites, we do not require you produce a minimum number of leads to get the entire registration list for those who register for our event.   You get the entire list of leads for those who register for the webinar you & I do together.

None of this "you only get x # of leads for every lead you produce"  requirements you may have seen elsewhere; I give you the benefit of the doubt.

So and even if I produce say 300 leads and you produce 200, you still get the entire list of 500 -- another advantage!  Having said that, I do expect you'd bring at least 150-200 leads in as a result of your email/social media sharing to promote for us (if you want to be invited back).



Thanks for your participation in these special events for active traders!
We want to present the very best, focused, genuinely USEFUL events to traders.
You have exactly 30 minutes to present. Let's make it outstanding. Here's how:

1) Please make it primarily educational, at least 90% content with practical tips for traders, and little or no selling. For example in a 30 minute presentation, I'd expect 25 minutes of solid content, with a special offer mentioned only during the last 5 minutes of your presentation. No pitchfests allowed.

2) Do Not constantly refer to your company or services/products throughout your presentation; these thinly disguised infomercial-webinars are not of value to the trading community. We don't do that. My vision for these is to a) help traders with practical training and b) help us all generate new leads.

3) Focus on showing traders 1 or 2 practical step-by-step trading techniques they can actually test out and start using for themselves. Think of the traders' needs, and be sure you're actually teaching usable content. A takeaway tip they can use without having to buy your stuff. Be credible.


Leads are the lifeblood of any business, and my goal with this platform is to create a top-quality venue when it comes to attracting new traders (and jv partners) that's authentic and useful for everyone. You'll get lots of exposure to capture new leads, as will we all, plus give exceptionally useful authentic training to the active trader community.

Fast, focused, a "player's level" place for pro trading help. And it's not for those bad internet-marketer traders who are salesmen; this is for authentic top quality respected trading education professionals only. Let's show 'em how it's done.

4) For lead generation, I would recommend that at the end of your presentation you make a special offer available with an optin page at your site, so traders can choose to sign up to get information from you if they wish. Please do Not ask for phone numbers, we don't want traders pestered with telemarketing calls like other people in the trading industry do.

5) We expect that if you are chosen as a presenter, you will send at least one (1) email to your list to cross-promote this (we verify that you've cross-promoted via anonymous 'seed' email; we'll have opted into your email list during the months prior to inviting you via anonymous email we monitor, so we see what you're emailing; if you fail to email your list as agreed to, your video may not be included in the youtube channel and you may not be listed here on the site.  Unfortunately we've found some educators fail to cross promote as agreed, so we have to have an honest check-and-balance in place to verify everyone does what they say they will.

6) By participating, you agree to indemnify us and hold us free from any liability of any kind, and understand that this is a voluntary at-will participation and that no renumeration of any kind is provided; you are presenting to both our lists on a voluntary basis and no contract, obligation, warranty nor performance guarantee of any kind is being made by either party.

7) As a bonus, your presentation will be recorded and uploaded to a special youtube channel we've arranged for the site, and we'll have embedded videos of prior presentations available to view for the trading community.

These videos will be seen for years, by thousands of traders, so it's a great, free lead-generation approach that's designed to deliver practical, genuinely useful training to the trading community, and help both educators and traders "meet up" for mutually beneficial webinars and videos shown on youtube, to help everyone.